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Experienced Center of Ilizarov Technique

Yerevan Center for Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction (YCLLR) was created in 1989. Recognized as a leader in this field of orthopedics in the region, the Center is committed to providing the most comprehensive and technologically advanced treatment available for children and adults with congenital and acquired orthopedic problems. YCLLR has treated patients from many countries including Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Russia, Slovenia. Syria, and the USA, Australia, Canada.

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  21 Paronian Str., Nairi Medical Center, 0015 Yerevan , Armenia

Why Choose YCLLR ?

1. Our experience in treatment of various diseases of orthopedic patients and patients with problems of shape and proportions of the lower extremities includes 25 years of intensive work in this field of medicine. Two doctors from the medical staff worked and studied the Ilizarov method (up to 9 years!) under the direct leadership of Professor Gavriil Ilizarov in Kurgan. Therefore, our success rate is very high.

2. The level of our knowledge is acknowledged in a number of institutions, and allows us to present the Ilizarov method at international exhibitions, as well as participate in the teaching of the method through lectures and demonstrative surgeries in Australia, Denmark, Norway and the USA.

3. Our center is located in the Nairi clinic, which is equipped in line with all the requirements of contemporary medicine. The wide spectrum of diagnostic facilities includes MRI, CT-scan and other contemporary examinations. The surgery rooms and the clinic as a whole have centralized provision of vital functions and air-conditioning. The stay and treatment conditions in our center meet high international standards. It's also worth mentioning that in an attempt to create homely and warm atmosphere for our patients we have organized an exquisite, client-oriented cuisine in the Center, which may offer any type of nourishment to the patients in the course of rehabilitation. National tastes and interests have also been taken into consideration.

4. Our prices and discount system are well competitive with the prices for the analogous treatment in other known centers of reconstructive-rehabilitation surgery.

5. Following the principle "To cure the patient, not the disease" we provide a wide spectrum of medical services, including reconstructive surgery, physio-therapy, and complex of rehabilitation measures with participation of a clinic psychotherapist, if necessary. Apart from this we take efforts so that the treatment passes with minimal discomfort connected with temporary partial immobility and care for the positive psycho-emotional condition of the patient and the persons accompanying him/her.